I believe routine is important for a child to feel secure in their environment.  In the morning the children have free play in the short time before we walk to school.  We have stopping points along the bridleway to school so that we all stay together and are safe.  After school, there are organised activities for those who wish this, whilst giving the children the option for free play if they wish.

When we arrive back from school, the children wash their hands before having squash and biscuits or crackers.  At 4.45pm the children who are still with me, wash their hands again before having a small plate of fruit.

I have a very large selection of books, toys, equipment and resources, collected over many years, to stimulate development in all age groups. My garden is secure, with a sandpit, a large slide, a 7 seater airplane/seesaw, water table, free standing seesaw and many, many other outdoor toys.

The airplane below (not my garden) has seen many adventures and is very popular!